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5 Best Desks For Video Editing In 2022

If you’re looking for the best desks for video editing then it’s likely that you are in the creative industry using popular video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

I have personally been video editing for over 15 years, and finding a desk that fits my video editing setup is mandatory for me to increase my production output and content quality at home.

Some of you may like space, some of you may need multiple monitors and some of you may even be editing on a laptop or even a tablet, that’s okay, because we have picked the best desks for all kinds of setups and creatives.

Below are our favourites that I have personally tested purely for this article.

1. IKEA Bekant

The classic IKEA Bekant is my best desk for video editing for a number of reasons. It might not be the most high tech but and it my not suite some of you that may not want a corner desk, but hear me out.

The main reason why the IKEA Bekant is a great desk for video editing is quite simply because of the price, at approximately $250 it offers far more than anything in that price range.

It’s a fairly big desk too, coming in at 160cm long and 110cm deep at the longest “corner” point, meaning it’s great for those of you that have multiple monitors (like myself).

I typically like to have my monitors in the corner, so this desk gives it the perfect combination, allowing you for keyboard and mouse space, even in the corner, then this gives you more space around your desk for accessories or even some of the best desk fidget toys if you’re into that.

It can also convert into a standing desk. Unfortunately it’s not electric, you do have to manually “crank it”, but it’s very easy and can be done in under a minute.

For $250 this is one of the best desk for video editing because of the affordable price, the space and the ability to turn it into a standing desk!

2. Jarvis Standing Bamboo Desk

fully jarvis standing desk

This is one of the best desks for video editing if you are looking for a durable, long lasting desk that you can stand at. It’s made by a company called Fully who like to make desks with the environment in mind.

This desk here is called the Jarvis Bamboo Desk, and as the name states it’s made with sustainable bamboo which just so happens to be grown without pesticides or fertilisers because… well that’s bad.

Not only that they have cured the bamboo with a water-based polyurethane coating which helps it last long and stops scratches and bumps damage the top.

The strong legs can hold up to 158KG of weight making it great for video editors who have lots of monitors, or those of you that like to show off your custom PC on top of he desk. Ever KG counts, because who knows you may want to add cameras, microphones and lighting to your rig which adds extra weight.

It also has a LED programmable handset that lets you quickly modify the height on the go.

It’s sleek, it’s eco-friendly, it’s sturdy and it comes with wire management holes to keep your setup looking clean. Prices start at around £641/$750.

3. Le Crozz L-Shaped Desk

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful desk for video editing then look no further, code named “Le Cozz” this L-shaped desk is great for those of you that use a separate monitor to game on, or even to film on.

Typically with my video setups for other projects I would use the left side of this desk to unbox products and take b-roll shots for our reviews here on the website.

Then on the right hand side my setup would be there waiting to start ripping the files from the SD card. Now i’ll admit the legs aren’t the best and it can be a little awkward to assemble, but for just over $100, it’s hard to beat.

With this extra space you can customise this desk to your needs, perhaps you don’t need another screen and instead it’s a place to hold books, or showcase your best retro handhelds, or even a place to keep your games consoles?

The possibilities are endless for this cheap L-Shaped video editing desk.

4. IKEA Malm Desk

Brandon, another IKEA desk? Yes, because they’re easy to source, easy to put together and they last a very long time.

Everyone has an IKEA close by, so if you’re not wanting to wait for long delivery times, then the IKEA Malm desk is a quick fix if you’re looking for an immediate upgrade for video editing.

This MALM desk is all a video editor needs if you’re using a single screen. I personally used one of these for about 18 months and it did just fine, plus the extra space for storage and a section to hide away your PC is welcome, especially if you want to keep your office nice and clean without seeing cables.

It’s 1.4m long and 650 cm deep giving you enough space to tinker with, I do recommend putting your monitor on a stand so that it doesn’t take up lots of room. I had my monitor in the middle and a laptop on the side connected via HDMI and the setup worked beautifully.

At just £150/$200 it’s a great solution if you’re looking for something as soon as possible, plus it can be put together in under an hour on your own.

5. IMOVR Cascade Desk

imovr cascade desk

This is the one of the best desks for video editing should you want to be fully immersed or want to take advantage of that awkward corner you have in your office.

For me, it’s all about immersion, as this surrounds yourself with desk space allowing every keystroke, and every desk accessories to be in arms length. The keyboard can be hidden a way in the lowered section giving you even more desk space, and the additional of cutouts allows you to hide cables too.

Oh and the desk can be manually lifted to transform it into a standing desk for those of you that like to keep upright when video editing.

The only downfall is that the under-section where your keyboard is hiding has no space for a mouse, meaning your mouse posture will be higher than your keyboard, it takes some time to get use to, but the added immersion helps you ignore this.

It’s a great desk, well built, and really stands out due to the shape. If you have an awkward space in your office, this may be a good one to look at, but it will cost you a pretty penny at over $1,000.

And there you have it, a look at the best desks for video editing in 2022! Let us know if you have any questions.

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