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8 Best Desk Toys For Setup Enthusiasts In 2022

If you are like me then your desk setup is the equivalent of a dojo for martial artists. It’s the place where you feel most zen and it’s the place where you let the creative juices flow, so what better place to add some of the best desk toys?

The toys i have selected for this article are some of my favourite picks, ones I have on my own desk, some are for play, some are to help you get things done and some are to simply look good.

These items are for those of you that want to upgrade your setup with gadgets, and accessories. They range from cheap to expensive and silly to professional, so I hope you find something that intrigues you.

1. LEGO Bonsai Tree

lego bonsai tree

If you are like me then you might find it hard to keep plants or trees alive for more than a few weeks. Do not fear, there’s a tree that you can keep live for years on end without the need of watering it.

That tree, is made of LEGO, more specifically it’s their Bonsai Tree which is a part of their flower collection that launched in 2021.

This Bonsai Tree takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your desk for a few hours by building it piece by piece. You start with the wooden base, then move up to the vines, then the leaves and finally a sprinkle of mud at the base will finish it offl

It’s a small set, but big enough to fill a section of your desk with style. The dark wood tones go well with walnut desks, and the green leaves act as a secondary does of colour.

What’s cool is that they give you the addition to add pink flowers should you want to change seasons or spice up your desk setup. I have had this on my desk ever since it launch and i love it, just make sure to dust it now and then!

2. FunkeyS

funkeys handheld

The FunkeyS is one of Retro Dodo’s favourite handhelds of 2021, for good reason, and you know if they like it, it’s going to be good.

It’s technically the world’s smallest foldable handheld, and has he ability to play a wide number of ROMs, which are game files that are played through emulators.

After testing it we found that the FunkeyS can play a majority of games up to Playstation 1 including Gameboy, SNES, NES and older arcade games of the past, all in this tiny device!

It can fit on a keychain too, but we advise keeping it on your desk, as it’s one of the best desk toys for those of you that are perhaps waiting on a Zoom call or rendering a video.

This is because its sleep function is incredibly fast and leaves you where you left off when you shut the clamshell design.

It’s an awesome device, that pays respect to the old Gameboy Advance SP, and it’s been crafted by a small team of very talented individuals.

At just £50/$69/€60 it’s a great snag that will keep you entertained for hours on end, all on one single charge too via the Micro-USB port on the bottom.

3. Cozmo 2.0

cozmo robot

One of the best desk toys of the last five years has to be Cozmo.

Cozmo is a miniature, palm sized robot that can sit on your desk and communicate with you. Using the free app, you can play, communicate and control Cozmo where and when you please.

When you’re not controlling it, it can be set to be “alive”. It will do its own thing on your desk, move around, say hello and when you talk to it it will know, replying with beeps and boops when you talk.

It has an adorable face on the front which gives it cute characteristics using small LED lights. It also comes with playable blocks that Cozmo can track and play with. It picks them up, throws them, and even stacks them on each other.

Think of it as a little job to keep it occupied!

4. Lava Lamp

mathmos lava lamp

Now this is an under-rated accessory for your desk, the retro lava lamp, and more specifically, the lava lamps from Mathmos.

Mathmos are the original founders of the lava lamp, and have by far the best quality lava lamps on the market, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. We have had many Mathmos lava lamps in our time, but our favourite has to be the matte black, or gun metal grey variants.

This fits in with our walnut and black desk setup. You can not only choose what colour shell you want, you can also pick the colour of the interior lava lamp.

For example, we chose a matte grey exterior with a orange and red interior, making it look like molten lava inside of a black rocket, how cool!

They’re not cheap, and require you to connect it to a reliable extension cable or port, because it may blow the bulb (this happened to us many of times), but that said, they’ll last you a life time for sure.

5. Tetra Puzzle

This tetra puzzle was featured in our best desk fidget toys article, not only because it’s a pleasure to play with, but because it’s built like Mjolnir.

This little toy will keep your mind focused, if you’re a fidgeter like me, it helps the mind wander when my hands are playing with something… not like that! This fidget toy slides, clicks and clacks, is built 100% out of metal and weighs the same as a smartphone.

It’s build with top notch metal and lasts for longer than you can imagine. If you’re on the market with a fidget toy on your desk, something to grab when you’re focused or nervous, then this is the one to snag.

It’s build by a company called Not Another Bill, and costs close to £100. It’s for fidget enthusiasts only, hence the price.

6. TechDeck

tech deck

The tech deck is by far one of the best desk toys ever, they launched in 1998 and targeted the ever growing skating enthusiasts, and due to popular demand they sold millions of units worldwides.

Still to this day the Deskovery team rock these on their desks. Perhaps you have some time to pass, are waiting for a video to render, or you just need to take your eyes off the screen for a few minutes, then the Tech Deck is the product to grab.

Use your desk accessories as jumps, kick flip over your keyboard, and change up your wheels on the go with the built in DIY kit.

It’s cheap, and its cheerful, every desk needs it, even if you’re not a skateboarding fan.

7. Blots

speck blots

Every desk setup needs a stress toy, and this here is by far one of the best. Made by a company called speks this “Blots” squishy stress toy is designed to relieve tension in the brain through flicking, pressing, pulling, and pushing. What simple beings we are.

Speks make a wide number of different toys and stress buddies, most made with a tough, flexible plastic that can be stretched to all kinds of shapes and sizes. They also create metal and plastic desk toys, but our favourite has to be these.

At only $25/£20 it’s one of the cheapest desk toys on this list, it does its job and it doesn’t break the bank, what more could you ask for!

8. Funko POP! Figures

funko pop figures

What it be a desk setup without one of the most popular toys of the last five years? Absolutely not. POP! figures have really exploded in popularity recently and have stemmed from the collectors culture that came from figurines.

These cheap products make any setup look modern, and you can choose from tens of thousands of characters, from Disney, to DC to Transformers there’s something for everyone.

If you enjoy collecting then you’ll love the rare variants that come as limited editions, or if you want something simple to add some character to your setup then these are definitely recommended!

And that’s a look at our best desk toys of the year so far, we plan to update this article when we add a new awesome product to our desk that’s “toy” related, so come back soon!

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