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10 Best Desk Fidget Toys Of 2022

Over the last ten or so years many consumers have been seeking out the best desk fidget toys in order to keep their minds and hands busy while they work.

The boom in popularity has seen the rise of many new and incredible companies building fidget toys specifically for setup enthusiasts who have an eye for aesthetically pleasing products.

Not only that, the products range from hand crafted metal pieces or art, to finger puzzles to simple fidget toys that are affordable for the mass market, so we’ve done our research and tested our some of the world’s best desk fidget toys of the year, here’s our favourites.

1. Excalibur Fidget Sword

Let’s start this list of with the most expensive, because there’s nothing quite like shock value when you first read an article! I promise, there are far more affordable fidget toys on this list, but to give you an idea of where the market is going there’s companies out there charging $350 for a fidget toy, and this excalibur sword is one of them.

This is one of the best desk fidget toys on list primarily because of the build quality and the incredible attention to detail.

The company behind this is called FidgetHouse, they specialise in creating high end luxury fidget toys for the wealthy, or for those of you that love to kit out your desk setups with luxury items.

This Excalibur variant is by far one of my personal favourites, it comes with five different sections that come apart and or slide together, for example, the most addictive part of the product is when you sheath the sword by sliding it in an out.

If that’s not enough you can actually take it apart, like small lego pieces that click together using magnets, making it even more addictive to use.


HEYKUBE fidget toy

If you’re like me who struggles to do up their shoe laces, then a Rubik’s cube is a challenge that may deem itself to be too difficult! Heck, as I write this I am looking at the Rubik’s cube on my shelf, gathering dust and laughing at me in shame because I haven’t mastered it yet.

Well, that’s all about to change as this is the HEYKUBE, one of the best desk fidget toys for those that want a challenge and to learn how easy it can be to complete a Rubiks cube.

This HEYKUBE used a handful of LED indicators on each side to help you complete it. For example, the lights will either spin clockwise, or anti-clockwise on the specific side teasing you to victory and helping you understand how this puzzle game works.

Follow its lead and twist where it insists and you’ll have mastered the Rubik’s cube in no time. What’s also great is the fact that you can turn it on and off, so if you’re stuck, simply turn it on, get your assistance and then turn it off to continue the game.

I wish I had this on my desk all these years because this is now my personal go-to fidget toy when I wait for my videos to render or while I watch content

3. Tetra Puzzle

tetra puzzle fidget toy

Here at the Deskovery HQ we have an eye for high quality products, and when researching and testing products for this article, one that immediately caught our attention was the Tetra Desk Puzzle.

This puzzle is a great desk fidget toy for those wanting style, quality and a minimal challenge. It’s crafted by four identical pieces of brushed stainless steel, all attached together which can be moved around.

At 680g it’s no portable fidget toy either, if anything it’s a fidget paper weight, but this in itself gives it a sense of quality and it makes you realise that this is indeed made out of pure metal. Should you need to use it as a weapon, it can also be that too!

It’s simple, high quality and looks incredible on any desk setup. It’s that fidget toy that will likely last for many years, and the $100 price tag, in our opinion is completely worth it.

4. Game Cartridge Slider

cartridge fidget toy

If you’re a big retro gaming fan, then you might find yourself grabbing your wallet after reading this, and you may also be surprised to hear that we have a sister-site dedicated to retro gaming called Retro Dodo!

But enough of the shameless plug, let’s take a look at the incredible craftsmanship of this desk fidget toy made by a company called EDCLOONG. These guys have somewhat perfect the fidget toy, but not so much the price tag.

Each individual piece is made by hand and crafted using high quality metals and calculations to give it a unique use for fidget enthusiasts. For example, this game cartridge slider is designed after the infamous Contra video game of the past, and it slides, locks and clicks depending on where you press.

At over $300 it’s one of the most expensive products on this best desk fidget toys list, but oh boy is it by far the best in terms of quality. They have a wide number of fidget toys, not just cartridges, for example EDCLOONG have a camera fidget toy, a doughnut fidget toy and others, giving you a choice of many to treat your desk with.

Out of all on this list, this is by far the most premium, but the price tag isn’t inline with the typical consumers budget, unfortunately.

5. Fidget Cube

fidget cube

It wouldn’t be a list of the best desk fidget toys without the popular fidget cube!

The fidget cube is what causes the intitial spike of interest, it was featured on Kickstarter, it sold millions of units worldwide and everyone seemed to have one, but now years later the cube has taken many design changes, and a lot of companies have decided to make their own versions.

Our personal favourites have to be the minimal metal fidget cubes that again, come in all different shapes and sizes, so we’re not picking one, but simply grouping up metal fidget cubes as a whole.

This is because we’re addicted to minamlism, and metal products (in our opinion) seem to last much longer, so if you can find a metal fidget cube that fits your style and fidget-ness, if that’s even a word, then we’d suggest snagging one.

You can find these ranging from $10 – $50.

6. Fidget Capsule

fidget capsule

One fidget toy that you may not know of is the fidget capsule, a small 3″ toy that resembles that of a pill, or a capsule… hence the name! These tiny products are one of the best desk fidget toys for those of you that want simplicity and are up for a phyiscal challenge.

Each capsule pushes down and halves its size, but each colour comes with even more push back, for example the orange fidget capsule has 2lbs of force, and it scaled up to 10lbs, or roughly that.

It even comes with a magnetic stand that fits perfectly on your desk, for those of you that not only want to make your desk look clean, but it’s easy to grab when you’re bored or need to release some stress.

It simple, yet effective, and you’ll have hands like the hulk in no time.

7. Magnetic Building Blocks

magnetic building blocks

If you’ve been into an office block, then it’s likely you have seen these magnetic building blocks on a handful of peoples desks, and it’s for good reason.

Most of the best desk fidget toys don’t require a creative mindset in order to enjoy them, whereas this product here is slightly different.

Yes you can take them apart, and simply squish them with your hand, but the magic happens when you start to put your creative hat on and building things from your imagination.

Do you want to build a car from these tiny metal balls? You can do that? Perhaps you need to remind yourself of a meeting, why not spell it out on your desk? Do you want to create an inappropriate body part out of metal balls in hopes it annoys your work buddies? You can do just that… no, just us?

It’s again, another simple yet effective fidget toy, but you can get lost for hours in this thing, which isn’t good if you’ve got some deadlines to meet!

8. Kinetic Flip Toy

This kinetic flip toy is a simple block of metal made to precision and perfectly balance mathematically analysed to bring a motion of continuing flipping, rolling and falling.

The simple but well-thought-out shape hides the fascinating properties that give it the sense that it defy gravity and keeps in moving due to its compounding force, this makes it look like magic is pushing and pulling the fidget toy.

If this gets to simple you can start mastering other tricks and movements that go beyond the standard push and pull, as if it’s magnetised to the table, and forces itself to spin and turn in ways that look innatural.

And like many of the best desk fidget toys on this list it fits perfectly on any minimal desk setup.

9. Spinning Top

metal spinning top

Another one of our best desk fidget toys has to be the classic spin top, but of course… in metal.

Many of these have been featured across the internet and social media, but the best ones are by far are the ones craft by aluminium or titanium. Yes they cost more, but they typically come with a box or a cool stand to put them on, and due to the quality of the metal they last far longer too.

These are simply spinners that are balanced correctly in order to spin for as long as possible, even for over a minute if you’re good!

You can find these online or even on Amazon for around $15-$20, making it an affordable fidget toy for your desks, they usual come in different colours too, but our favourite has to be the dark metal or matte black editions.

10. Lautie Fidget Toys

lautie fidget toys

Coming in at number 10 on our best desk fidget toys list is a company called Lautie. Instead of featuring one of their products we want to feature the company as a whole instead.

This is because their products are only released in batches and typically sell out very fast due to demand. They create some of the highest quality fidget toys on the market, from spin tops, to sliding cards to custom coins.

Typically their products start at around the $99 range making them a middle of the range fidget toy that fits perfectly on any desk setup, they also typically create them in different colours as you can see from above.

Think of Lautie is a indie builder who niches themselves to fidget toys, and because they are so popular and well made many customers are on a waiting list, which i know may be annoying, but its for good reason, trust us!

If you want some of the best desk fidget toys for under $100, then it’s worth checking them out for sure.

And that’s a wrap, thank you for reading, and make sure to follow us on twitter @deskoveryco for news and review updates.

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