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Deskovery was built with the primary aim of being a community for desk enthusiasts to discover new setups, meet like-minded creatives and to read/watch reviews of the latest and greatest products.

Desk Setups are a crucial place to learn and grow, so inspiring others to build spaces of growth is why we do what we do.


At Deskovery we craft exclusive interviews with creatives from around the world to inspire and motivate others to build the desk setups of their dreams in hope that it helps others find their flow. 

We do this by producing premium content, thoroughly testing products in-house to give you the best buying advice across the web and we keep you up to date with the latest news so that you don’t miss out on new products to enhance your creative space.

We hand-pick team members that fit our values, produce superb content and have the same passion for desk setups as the rest of our crew.


brandon saltalamacchia

Brandon Saltalamacchia


Brandon has been a desk setup enthusiast ever since he was 13. At 15 years old he started building tech blogs and reviewing desk products on YouTube in his spare time. Now many years later he wants to build a hub for desk enthusiasts to discover new setups and learn about the latest products. Alongside his passion for Deskcovery he currently runs the world’s leading retro gaming website and documents his journey building a media company of one.

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